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August 3, 2012
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DCO 2012- Bike Round Heat 4 by LaptopGeek DCO 2012- Bike Round Heat 4 by LaptopGeek
Bike Round Heat 4
Two Newbies and two veterans from the Winter Olympics, the participants are Christian Crusader, Jake McCormick, hoping to win a medal along with DJ Wally, Kickline Chelsea, hoping to get ahead from Winter Olympics 2010 and Candy in 2011ís game, as they never got to 2nd round and Ally, gold champion of 2010ís Winter games but lost in 2011ís game.
Throughout this heat, oh dear, it seem there is a crash, not just one player, two players! Chelsea, hoping to at least making to another round, has tripped unconsciously and is unable to be back in the game, this fat bottom girl, wonít be riding no more! Rookie Wally has tripped behind her and is unable to continue to be back in the game, he may spin records, but not bikes.
It looks like prayers have been answered as Jake McCormick, a rookie went as first place and advances to the next round, along with gold Winter 2010 champion Ally.

Heat 4 Results
1 Jake McCormick
2 Ally Alligator
3 Wally (DNF)
4 Chelsea Robinson (DNF)

Jake McCormick and Ally Alligator advance to the Swimming Round

Jake McCormick 9c) *JakeMcCormick
Ally Alligator (c) ~JimmyCartoonist
Wally (c) *D-Jett
Chelsea Robinson (c) *FAC-AgentC
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Sucks for Wally and Chels, but that hat to be quite the rad spill. Hey, Chelsea's left eyebrow makes her green helmet look like a disapproving alien, hahaha.
Now I see it, they do look like aliens, one of these clique aliens. If this was actually a cartoon show and became popular, this would be a meme. Now I have idea of them being aliens that if a victim has it on his or her head, they get possessed, I just invented newer OCs, it about a steam train that flies in space, the employees is a human called Buck Jupitus, other are aliens and robots. The passengers are aliens, few are families and some are students or business trip employees and some are robot, same way. There is only one set of humans, an optimistic Japanese tourist couples, who take photos of one single thing.
FAC-AgentC Aug 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
"Rich's girls have no luck in sports" Quite the understatement there! :lmao:

Sheeeeeeeeeeeesh, it's a shame to not make it out of the first round again, but thanks for the inclusion either way. :nod: Good to see Jake pull ahead in this instead then. :thumbsup: Well done!
They just end up losing, since the 2010 games. But at least Paula's Freddy got a next round, he never had luck (neither did his girlfriend) in the winter games.

Why does the dice like your girls? The one I have is sexist, Zipporah, Zoe, Jessie and Chelsea lost and is nearly wiped every female character, the only female left is Piella.
Maybe cheer for him, Pierre, Mush or Freddy.
JakeMcCormick Aug 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
GO JAKE..this is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! :)
Thanks, I hope he gets his Chariots of Fire!
D-Jett Aug 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Wally: Oh Snap!
he can always try again next time. At least he can spin records.
D-Jett Aug 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Wally: True dat! =B
JWthaMajestic Aug 3, 2012  Student Filmographer
Ouch...I feel sorry for Wally and Chelsea...

But good luck to Jake and Ally! :D
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